Our Valid Value Program is something Nissan is extremely proud of.

What is Nissan's Valid Value Program?

Valid Value is a used vehicle program encompassing all makes of used vehicles available from your Nissan Dealer. It offers a number of valuable benefits which are designed to provide you with the comfort and peace of mind that you have made the right purchase choice.

Select Vehicles

Higher quality used vehicles are marked as 'Select' and are differentiated from Valid Value vehicles in that they are less than 3 years old, have less than 100 000km on the odometer and have a full service history.

Quality Assurance

Each Valid Value vehicle must pass a 101-Point Quality Check, which is designed to ensure that your vehicle is mechanically sound, complies with all roadworthy standards and that additional functional, cosmetic and bodywork items meet Valid Value Preparation Standards. Your dealership will issue a certificate confirming that this has been done. Valid Value may identify and accept minor cosmetic blemishes commensurate with age and mileage. However, these will not affect the safety, reliability or performance of the vehicle in any way.

Leagal Peace of Mind

Your Nissan dealer guarantees that every effort has been made to ensure the legitimacy of all Valid Value vehicles. TransUnion's Vehicle Enquiry is an industry-standard report and is used to check with the South African Police to verify that the car has not been stolen and also confirms that the vehicle has no outstanding finance or legal claim against it.

20 Day Exchange Promise

If a mechanical or electrical defect is identified in your Valid Value Vehicle within the first 20 days of purchase, please contact your supplying dealer to arrange for them to inspect and rectify the problem. Should your supplying dealer be unable to rectify the defect, they will arrange for the vehicle to be exchanged for another of equivalent value.

A Comprehensive Warranty

An optional 24-month warranty is available with every Valid Value Vehicle. The cost of this warranty is not included in any advertised vehicle price unless indicated. The dealership's FAIS* Certified Representative is required to disclose full details to you relating to the period of cover, the extent of cover, exclusions, premium payable and commission earned by the dealership. Valid Value encourages you to take note of the terms and conditions of the warranty. Should you decide not to purchase a warranty, your dealer will ask you to sign a waiver indicating that you understand the implications.

A Full Service History

If the vehicle is a VALID VALUE SELECT vehicle, you will receive a detailed history confirming that all services have been completed as per the manufacturer's specifications.

Roadside Assitance

Optional roadside assistance cover is available through your Nissan dealership. This will provide you and your family with peace of mind, knowing that, in the event of a breakdown, help is available 24 hours a day. Valid Value offers an optional package through AA Fleet care, however, your dealer may select any reputable roadside assistance provider. Should you choose to purchase a Valid Value Warranty, roadside assistance is included in the policy.

Free Safety Checks

For as long as you own the vehicle, your dealer will perform free safety checks to ensure the on-going road worthiness of your car.

Valid Value Documentation

You can expect from your dealer: 101-Point Quality Check Certificate Roadside Assistance Guide (if applicable) Warranty Policy (if applicable) Document Holder for all Valid Value documents

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